"I've met many wonderful women & they're all similar in what they seek; "

they all need affirmation and a sense that they can feel good - the precursor to looking good.

About Irene

Irene Estry is a health and fitness instructor, she has been for more years than she cares to remember. But more than that, she is the Rock in the often unstable world of women who are in the public eye,

The Author

This is a little book about a big issue; staying healthy and vital past forty. Its not all about Botox and liposuction, or anti wrinkle creams and support hose. There is so much more to the modern mature woman!

The Lifestyle Coach

IF Irene Estry could bottle her youthful enthusiasm, she’d be a millionaire. At an age when many women will reach for anything and everything in a bid to fight the signs of ageing, the 67-year-old fitness fan is so in shape she even keeps the Coronation Street cast on their toes.