A profile of the author

She has been described as “… something of a Star Shaper, to whom the celebs turn to for advice…” (Fay Wertheimer, V Magazine). Caryn Franklin has referred to her as a Fitness Expert and Channel M as Fitness Guru. She numbers diverse personalities like Sue Nicholls, Terence Stamp and Amanda Barrie among her friends.

About the book

Irene’s recently written book, begins with a forthright declaration of her philosophy – witty gritty, and spades of big hearted empathy. The tone is set for life affirming and honest conversation with the reader. At the core of the book, fitness and wellbeing prevails, but interwoven through this are golden threads of humour, joyous anecdotes, some public persona and private woman alike for almost three decades. The book crosses class divides, strips away pecking orders and pokes a little fun at the chase for celebrity.

The ultimate aim is to make the reader feel she is valuable, that life needn’t ignore her as it sweeps past on its fickle course. As a story, it is accessible and entertaining, it will leave a lasting smile long after the final page is closed and – the hope that there may be more to come from Irene, the consummate confidante, the reader has found new friend who doesn’t judge. The book is small – manageable size, designed to fit into a handbag or on the bedside table.

It is illustrated throughout with striking iconic images firmly identifying the personality with the message. Each chapter sets up the process of an exercise that tackles areas of the body important to the over forties girl, while talking frankly, woman to woman about a variety of issues. The book transcends the formulaic Exercise Regiments with their lists of expensive machinery to tuck under the bed like forgotten jumble. There are no yogic impossibilities or contortions and cramped muscles, no high impact breathless and dizzy headed repetitions. Exercise should be fun, for ‘Everywoman’ of what ever that means, shape or size and with exercise comes the sense of well being, confidence and vivacity that is the right of every woman. Irene has been on the wellbeing and lifestyle scene for almost three decades, from appearing as an exotic dancer in the evocative Brideshead Revisited to Granada TV with Richard Hammond, Caryn Franklin and Yvette Fielding, right up to the present day appearing on Manchester’s inspiring and cosmopolitan Channel M. Grounded good humour has been at the core of her philosophy as can be seen in her articles and television work. She has lived with the lows and turned them into positive benefits for her family and clients. Never haranguing – but always gently motivating, she has the staying power to stick with her girls whether in small groups in her fitness studio or via the larger attributes her youthful energy and looks entirely to simple low impact enjoyable exercise, healthy eating and most importantly, “..having her head in the right place..” – no food is taboo and no expensive machinery is required. Irene is petite in stature, but a powerhouse of vitality. With her big brown eyes, ever present warm smile and a communicative personality, there may be just enough to go around the million fold demographic who wait for her.