About Irene

Irene Estry is a health and fitness instructor, she has been for more years than she cares to remember. But more than that, she is the Rock in the often unstable world of women who are in the public eye, and the private woman who carries the everyday burdens and responsibilities of the Modern Mature Female. She is reliable and comforting in stormy times, a sure place of safety and solace.

She keeps her girls grounded and in the world of real people, real issues and real solutions. For decades she has been the fitness fixture at ITV Studios in Manchester, more than a few famous faces have passed through her capable hands, even appearing on television with them, a notably amusing time being a comedy double act with one Richard Hammond.

She continues working with the famous and the private alike, never making the distinction between the two. She also runs her own studio and some of her regulars have been with her for almost two decades.

Irene devotes her time to her ladies and to family life – her husband, daughter, son and Grandchildren – all central to her home life. Irene lives in a leafy Manchester suburb and has no desire to be eternally youthful, just eternally healthy.