The Author

This is a little book about a big issue; staying healthy and vital past forty. Its not all about Botox and liposuction, or anti wrinkle creams and support hose. There is so much more to the modern mature woman! Told with humour and the insight of decades in the health and fitness business, Irene Estry shows that real attraction comes with confidence and healthy living. That doesn’t mean faddy diets and denying yourself the good things in life, if a walk in the park is worth the cup cake, then do both! Trainer to the stars of stage and screen, and the private woman, Irene levels the playing field for us all. She takes us into her confidence, and demonstrates that good health, good friends and half an hours exercise every day is the key to a happy lifestyle.

Growing Old Disgracefully is funny and lighthearted, but it has opinion and a heart. Big enough to make a difference, small enough to fit into your beach bag, this book a perfect companion.