Benefits of Meditation

Discovering the power of meditation has greatly helped me on my road to recover from a neurological disorder affecting my speech and ability to walk. I was very lethargic and any physical or mental strain to my body would result in a setback.

I have found that meditation is a great form of relaxation and not only helps to make me feel calm and revitalised but also makes me more awake and alert. It helps to clear my mind giving me a sense of inner calm ready to face the day. It soothes my nerves and releases any build up of stress and tension.

Meditation is powerful and accessible anywhere anytime when you are feeling tired or stressed. I find that it can act as a cure for headaches, releasing the buildup of pressure in my head. It also relaxes my body as a whole giving me increased energy.

When the process of breathing is slow and deep my mind is clear and calm, which can act as a useful tool for aiding sleep. It can make you feel vibrant and in a state of mild bliss with mental and physical impurities leaving the body.

Sarah Urban
Researcher ITV