Irene’s tips to look and feel great at any age


Banish the scales

Weighing yourself can be a daily dose of depression so hide your scales for a few months.  I’ve known women who get up in the middle of the night and get on the scales. What are they going to tell you? That you weigh one or two lbs lighter or heavier than you did last week. They certainly can’t tell you if you look good, or that you’re fit and healthy for your age, and that is where I want you to be.

Everything in moderation

There is great benefit to be had from looking at what and how you eat – particularly with regard to sugar, salt and caffeine. Life is too short to start banning foods you enjoy, but try to keep your blood sugar balanced by not eating or drinking anything with caffeine or sugar on an empty stomach.

Get moving

Take time out every day to breathe hard and get your heart racing, however you accomplish this is up to you. I’m a great one for fresh air. Going for a walk surrounded by nature makes me feel wonderful, but everyone has a different thing that makes them feel good and you have to find yours.

Look after your skin

Lost youth isn’t brought back via a bottle, an injection or a scalpel. I haven’t met anyone yet who has had a face lift who looks younger. I’m a great advocate of facial exercises, for three minutes every day, to tone up the jaw line, neck and cheek muscles. It costs nothing and the benefits are worth a thousand pots of expensive creams.

Be grateful

As my late father used to say, it’s better to be over the hill than under it. Rather than curse our age, we should be grateful for the good genes that allow us to grow older in good health. I am so grateful that my mother lived to be 95 in good health and how lucky I would be to do the same.