Life after 45…

For a long time, women over the ages of 45 to retirement and beyond, have been seen as a soft touch. Their consumer voice has been respectfully quiet and largely unheeded. But there is now a loud appeal – it’s not militant, it isn’t haranguing – it’s the calm insistent voice of the mature woman, the modern woman with style, taste and humour.

  • There is more to life than catalogue foot warmers and dubious anti age serums that disappoint.  There is more than the bright young things demanding pain for gain from impossible DVD fitness regimes, more than searching out stylish clothing that isn’t designed for size zero amorphous waifs. Maturity no longer has to mean bungalows and bring ‘n’ buy sales. It can be a time of vivacity, enjoyment and real contentment.

There are now visionary companies who listen to these girls and answer their demands, they are now the ‘pro age’ movement head by a pioneering group of cosmetics, clothing and lingerie companies with a thoughtful approach to the aspirations – whether modest of ambitious, of the contemporary mature women.

  • For over a decade, Irene Estry has been almost a lone voice in promoting the virtues of mature beauty, fitness and wellbeing.  She has a natural approach without fad or foibles. Humour and an unpretentious outlook have helped artistes as diverse as Helen Worth of Coronation Street and Denise Welch to keep in shape. But she also appeals to the private woman, the woman who wants to join the new age of ‘pro age’ – that attractive mature woman who comes in all shapes and sizes, voluptuous and curvy, tall and statuesque, they all need to be comfortable in their skin.

Sensitive, humorous and vivacious, she accompanies her girls on their journey – the motivational friend rather than the self appointed leader who rarely looks over her shoulder at her charges.  To Irene, size and shape is not important s being fit and comfortable within the body nature gave you.