Short Term Eating Plan

Detox – Fit into your frock energy programme – 3 to 4 weeks

Firstly you must now eliminate or cut to the minimum the following:

Anything containing caffeine e.g. tea, coffee, coca cola, chocolate to name but a few.  If you cannot eliminate then have a cup of tea a day or take a taste e.g. chocolate every other day. Try decaf versions or carob chocolate.

On this plan we need to keep the system light.  So eat frequently 2½ hourly.  Fresh fruits, vegetables, juice smoothies, loads of water, herb teas, (protein drinks sugar free), lemon water, occasional alcohol and all the tips on plan 1 for natural supplements.

Also do not consume large amounts in one sitting – eat half of what you usually eat but spread your intake over 6 small meals.

Don’t worry too much about food combining but restrict even healthy carbs say 1½ weetabix, 2 slices of toast so you never feel bloated.  If you are tired after eating or have wind/bloating you have eaten too much too quickly.

3-4 mornings per week eat wet fruit only for breakfast, e.g. strawberries, berries, grapes, melons not citrus e.g. oranges, grapefruits etc as they are too acidic to eat alone.