“Dear Irene,

…thank you for your involvement with the event. Everyone loved your presentation and your passion for it, and I personally felt it was the most fun and interactive presentation we’ve had…. The feedback from ladies who were there has been fantastic!” “So from everyone who was there, and from me in particular, thank you so much! I hope both you and Nathan enjoyed the day… Certainly the girls from Preston Audi had a fabulous time sharing your table! To date the event has brought in more than £8,000, so it has proved, once again, to be a major focus in our fundraising calendar… Thank you once again”

Susie Poppitt – Head of fundraising, Forget Me Not Lunch


“Life is very hectic on Coronation Street. Therefore we are very lucky to have the calming influence of Irene around us.  She is a wonderful ray of sunshine and is always on hand to assist and relax us all.  I really don’t know what we’d do without her.
She is one in a million.”

Suey Ross – 1st Assistant Director, Coronation Street


“Irene has been a lovely presence in Corrie World since I’ve been here, and although I’ve yet to use her services as a fitness instructor (being a lazy sod) it’s always great to see her – little bright eyed, suntanned, lycra clad bundle of vitality that she is! She’s part of the furniture here – but a comfy sofa she ain’t!”

Julie Hes – Actor, Coronation Street (Hayley)


“To the kindest most generous nicest woman I know, thank you so much for all the help you have given is all over the years with the various charity events around the town for all those wonderful people.

Strange how every time we meet I’m dressed as a woman, here’s to our next little adventure.

Lots of love, Simon”

Simon Gregson – Actor, Coronation Street (Steve McDonald)


“To Irene, Thank you so much for all that you have already done and for bringing me back to life!  You are a truly amazing superstar!  Hope you have a wonderful birthday week and I will look forward to seeing you soon.

Lot and lots of love, Sarah   xxxx”

Sarah Urban, Researcher – ITV


“Irene’s book is a little Gem, her wellbeing philosophy for us older Gals is spot on and it works 100%. She cuts out the proverbial crap and tells us like it is, just reading it made me feel happier and more positive…”

Sue Nicholls, Actor – Coronation Street (Audrey), The Fall And Rise of Reginald Perrin.


“… Irene has become a firm friend to me, she’s the one I turn to when I need special care. She keeps me spiritually fit, and lights up my life with her energy, insightfulness, grace and charm. She is always there in my life when I need her. She touches my mind, my heart – and my tummy!…”

Shobna Gulati – Actor, Dinner Ladies, Coronation Street (Sunita).


“…Irene has become a close personal friend, she has been inspirational to many people, helping them achieve fitness and better health. Vibrant, caring and fun loving, she lights up the room and I am sure this book will be a true testament to her work and her values…”

Denise Welch, Actor – Benidorm, Down to Earth, Coronation Street.


“…I can’t praise her enough, her classes are so entertaining, and her sense of humour is positive and encouraging. She’s able to identify specific physical problems and will go out of her way to tailor exercises to your needs, but she’s sensitive enough that you never feel you get it wrong which is why she is so successful. Irene keeps us fit and healthy and I value her for my general health and well being. In a word, she is “BRILLIANT!”

Irene Daniels, Television Producer, University Challenge