The Diet Debate

“Our bodies are the shape we live in and shape the way we live”


Our national pastime is our obsession with body shape, weight loss and image.  As we jump from one diet to another, one exercise programme, then on to the next – never quite thin enough and permanently tired.  Does that sound like you?  Well you are not alone.

At any one time 60% of the adult population are on a diet and only 7% of women are happy with the way they look.  Have we lost the plot as we stare at the pages of the glossy magazines and see some impossibly skinny bodies staring back at us? Do we really aspire to look undernourished?

People come in all shapes and sizes and our basic body shape is inherited. So if you don’t like your bum, blame in on your mum, so the saying goes. We can’t change that but what we all need is a healthy eating plan and a regular consistent exercise programme to tone and shape up our bodies so that we look leaner, our posture improves, along with our general well being.

Do diets really work? Most diets are carefully researched by dieticians and all have their merit but trying to adhere to these strict dietary programmes when we have such busy working lives is almost impossible; so it’s “we” who fail, not the diets.

Any restrictive dieting should only be undertaken on your doctor’ advice and any diet which cut out groups of food, done on a short term only as it could mean that you are missing out on vital vitamins and minerals. Any diet that promises overnight fat loss or magic pills, potions or exercises is unrealistic and absolutely does not work.

So, what are we left with?

We need to change our way of thinking, try to love ourselves a bit more – warts and all.  Follow a common sense eating plan and do a lot more exercise.

Dr Miriam Stoppard has been quoted as saying exercise is a natural anti-depressant, lifting our spirits along with our self esteem.  Try to fit 3-4 sessions of 30-40 minutes exercise every week.  Find something you enjoy doing that leaves you slightly breathless (but not speechless) and stick to it.

My eating tips are not a diet but if followed, along with your exercises, you should see some real results.

So throw away the scales (seriously depressing), paint on a smile, get out of your chair and be happy.