There was time…

There was a time when I thought;
I was beautiful, an astonished world at my feet,
I could beckon, and they would come.
I could dance and never tire, fashion was my faithful friend,
and romance a wanton plaything.
The world could never end,
And the futures bright I saw, had time to arrive.
Then, that was what I thought. But that distant time flowed.
And now I think;
Time has made me kinder – has shown me real beauty.
Now the world astounds me, far beyond youth’s superficial gloss.
And when those I love dearly, beckon, I gratefully come.
Forsaking fashion now, I embrace my style,
I am more loving and more passionate, and yes,
I have a deeper knowledge.
That only comes with ebb of time.
And now I think,
I am a whole woman, a grown woman, worthy of honest admiration,
For I am worth far more than my younger days allowed.
I could not be then, what I have become;
I am golden beauty, I am mature woman.